When should I add the pasta in the pot?

Add pasta into the saucepan, in plenty of salted water only after

The water foams and spills out of the pot, what should I do?

To avoid foaming water when the pasta is boiled, we can leave a
wooden spatula in the pot.

How much pasta makes one serving?

The amount of pasta that is usually enough for one person is 150 grams.

How frequently should I stir pasta?

Stir pasta when it is poured into boiling water and repeat often to
prevent sticking.

Should I cover the pot or not?

The pot should remain open during boiling, without a lid.

How much time should I cook the pasta?

Boiling time is on the packaging and differs from shape to shape. The sure way of success is to taste them often until pasta is as cooked as you want.

If I boil pasta more than it needs, what should I do?

Pasta which is boiled more than it needs, often causes dyspepsia and is not so delicious, so it is better to keep the time indicated on the package.

Should I rinse pasta with water after draining it?

After emptying pasta into a stainer, we never rinse it so that it keeps
the starch it contains and serves to make dressings easier to bind.

I want the pasta separately from sauce. How can I keep pasta from sticking?

If you do not want to mix pasta and sauce into the same saucepan, add to them a tablespoon of butter or olive oil and stir. It improves the texture.. as well as helping it avoid sticking.

I have high cholesterol. What can I do to reduce fat?

People who have cholesterol problems can add the pasta, after
emptying pasta into a strainer, directly into the sauce so that they do not add any butter.

Can I cook pasta in the morning and eat it in the afternoon?

If you are not going to eat the pasta, immediately, it is preferable not to pour the pasta into the sauce because it will absorb and inflate.

What kind of cheese can I add to pasta?

There are no restrictions on the types of cheese you add to your pasta. You can experiment with the flavors by trying to add the classic Greek Mizithra, Kefalotyri, Gravyers, Italian Parmesan cheese or even gouda cheese.

I am on a diet. How can I include pasta in?

Spaghetti is not necessarily a heavy and full of fat meal. This can be regulated by ourselves and depends on the ingredients we add to our sauces, the cheese that we add, and the addition or not of butter after the swirl. In addition you can choose simple pasta without eggs and milk as well as pasta with vegetable juices.

How will I be sure of my macaroni success?

The sure success of the pasta is in the way of serving, which is one:
Warm and freshly cooked.