The history of pasta

&&&The history of pasta is lost in the depths of the ages and includes many
myths. One of the cultures that claim paternity is Greek. The first
reference to the existence of pasta seems to have come from Greece in
1000 BC. when the word, which was found in texts of the
time, described the broad dough of water and flour that they cut into
strips. If we consider them as pasta, processed foods based on other
cereals, then their history begins many, many years ago. Remnants of
such foods dating back to 4,000 years have been found. At the same
time it is certain that both the ancient Greeks and the Romans had their
own types of pasta which they created from various available cereals of
their time.

&&&If there is a word that is inseparably linked to pasta in Greece it is called. According to a data study, this name derives from the Greek word. Macaria were food made from wheat and symbolized the regeneration. The history of Greek Pasta begins in the first half of the 19th century in Nafplio, the first capital of the newly created Greek state. There, the first pasta factory functioned in 1824. Until then, the only pasta that the Greeks knew was what the traditional tagliatelle and trachanas made in their homes. Other small pasta industries soon emerged, mainly from flour mills.